Welcome to geZond club

Where we micro-dose our way to health using the lowest priced, highest quality products from southern Africa's best organic growers.

About geZond

Joining geZond is easy. No forms, no fuss, no contracts!  

NOTE, this is a private space for members only, and we welcome new members over the age of 18 years.

Your payment buys you one of three levels of membership for a calendar month or part thereof, all levels of membership expire at month end. The club keeps your details in accordance with the Popi Act of 2020 to facilitate your membership.  

Any questions? E-mail us at members@gezond.biz

Membership Options

Paid-up members get monthly gift packs corresponding to their membership status, bulk order discounts; and opportunities to invest in privately grown plants through our partners at CannaCulture.


Green Standard 

R420 monthly

Your gift pack contains 31x capsules, each containing 4-grammes of medium-blend, slow-roasted Sativa flowers. Sleep like a teenager every night and make your gut flora happy!


Balmy Army

R220 monthly

 Your gift pack contains 12-grammes of balm made from cold-pressed coconut oil infused with medium strength cannabinoids. Reduce or remove your liver spots and melanomas. 


Family Chef


The Family Chef membership
gets you 16-grammes of Sprinkles, our popular sieve-ground cannabis crown leaves guaranteed to spice up any meal. Go on order your Sprinkles today!


140 Roberts Rd
South Africa


Email: members@gezond.biz 
Phone: +27 82 458 9332

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